Feng Shui Peach Wood Pakua Bagua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque 石敢当

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Material: Peach Wood 

Size (LxWxH/cm): 8.4 x 1.5 x 19.8 

This is a potent rectangular talisman featuring a Later Heaven Pakua with Yin Yang centre, and red Chinese inscription 泰山石敢當 (tai shan shi gan dang) referring to the renowned exorcist from Tai Shan mountain. The smaller green characters translate as 鎮宅之寶 (zhen zhai zhi bao) “Treasure to rid a dwelling of evil spirits”. The reverse side is stamped in red with protective Taoist talisman. 

Shi Gan Dang is the name of an ancient exorcist master from the magic mountain Tai Shan in Shandong Province, who was famous for his skills at capturing evils and demons. As more and more people all across China asked for his help, Shi Gan Dang could no longer handle all their requests in person, and so he arranged to have his name carved on stone tablets that would act as surrogates. Since then, the Shi Gan Dang tablets have been used extensively to block and subdue evil spirits. The Shi Gan Dang tablets work great as a charm against evil spirits. Evil spirits and demons could no longer disturb houses protected by the Shi Gan Dang tablets. They are simply too frightened by the mere sight of the name “Shi Gan Dang”. 

A bagua is a very useful cure in Feng Shui. This octagonal tool is widely utilized for safeguarding against very dangerous energies (such as the killing energy Shar Chi created from poison arrows which are angled towards your home or workplace). These poison arrows come from many sharp-edged corners outside your home; lamp posts, buildings, t-junctions and other imposing structures. The types of issues that arise from this Shar Chi can be mild from arguments and tension, to the severe - sickness, accidents, and sometimes even fatalities. 

1) If your home has a main entrance facing towards a cemetery, hospital, police station, houses of worship and schools, a Feng Shui PaKua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque will serve to break down killing chi aiming your home, preventing it from entering and forming bad luck.

2) When a Feng Shui PaKua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque is displayed above a main entrance, it will serve to drive away malevolent spirits, bad luck and people with bad intentions.

3) To remove the threat of  poison arrows (killing chi) coming from lamp posts, straight poles, trees or buildings from affecting you and your family, place this feng shui product in the area facing any of these obstacles.

4) The Feng Shui PaKua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque also diffuses the effects of  poison arrows  originating from the corners of buildings or other angles pointing towards your home.

5) If your home is at the center of a t-junction, with cars constantly driving head-on towards it, a Feng Shui PaKua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque will prevent any good chi from speeding past and instead allow your home to absorb it.

6) Any bad luck from dangerous chi is dissolved by a Feng Shui PaKua Shi Gan Dang Protection Plaque at the main entrance.

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