12mm Natural Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet for Career Luck

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Material: Natural Green Phantom Quartz 

Size: 12mm, 18 beads 

Length: 18cm, Stretchy (minus 1cm for Comfort-fit or 0.5cm for Snug-fit)

Green Phantom Quartz is a stone for "career" which will help you to get your dreamed job and employed easily. Wear this Green Phantom Quartz bracelet will not only improve your career opportunities but also wealth luck. Besides, it is a protective stone for your heart. The green inclusions will help to alleviate your works related stresses, to heal kidney or liver related illness, to promote better inter personal relationship with colleagues and people around you as well as to attract benefactors. 

You are advised to wear it on your left hand during the normal working hours but on your right hand if you are required to attend meeting or meet up important customers/clients or any event which require you to do presentation or sell ideas. Wearing Green Phantom Quartz will increase your productivity at works and to obtain better rewards in returns (e.g. higher salary increment, promotion and etc). 

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