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Feng Shui Brass Black Tortoise with Snake Xuan Wu 玄武

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Material: Brass
Size (LxWxH/cm): 14 x 9 x 12

The symbol of Snake on a Tortoise is a famous traditional symbol known as 'Xuan Wu', often translated as Black Tortoise in English. In ancient China, the union of snake and the tortoise was thought to have engendered the universe. It represents long life and good health.

The black tortoise is best positioned in the back of a home, opposite from the front or primary entrance. This corresponds to the north bagua area. The black tortoise provides protection to the inhabitants of the home and can help keep the family dynamics at more even kilter. It can also help the breadwinner(s) of the home keep a steady and growing income and help protect ones career. If there are children in the home, the black turtle can give them the strength to deal with bullies and other obstacles that might interfere with their learning and personal enrichment.

A black tortoise figurine is one of the most popular symbols in a Feng Shui office. To place it correctly, you’ll first want to make sure you place your desk on the wall opposite from the entrance to the office, with your desk chair facing the door. The black tortoise can then be placed behind the desk to help strengthen your work and keep a nice steady flow of clients and work projects coming your way. Its best to not to place the black tortoise directly across from the door but rather slightly out of line. This will help keep the black tortoises positive energy in the room.

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