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Feng Shui Brass Copper Tiger Head Pakua Bagua Tiger Biting Sword Plaque 海神门符 虎头八卦

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Material: Brass
Diameter: 15cm

The combination of the symbol of a tiger with a sword in its mouth with the sacred symbols of the Eight Trigrams or Ba Gua forms a powerful tool that diffuses the impact of killing chi aiming at your house.

A bagua is a useful cure in Feng Shui. This octagonal tool is widely utilized for safeguarding against very dangerous energies (such as the killing energy “Shar Chi” created from “poison arrows” which are angled towards your home or workplace). These poison arrows come from many sharp-edged corners outside your home; lamp posts, buildings, t-junctions and other imposing structures. The types of issues that arise from this Shar Chi can be mild from arguments and tension, to the severe - sickness, accidents, and sometimes even fatalities.

The bagua mirror is a very popular tool, used intensely in “Form School of Feng Shui”, the oldest and first Feng Shui institution which was commenced in AD 960-1279, during the Song Dynasty. It has since become a common Feng Shui tool, because it is inexpensive, easy to use, and is very potent in repelling malicious spirits and intents that are after you.

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