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Feng Shui Brass Deer

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Material: Brass 

Size (LxWxH/cm): 7 x 3.7 x 11.5 

This is a truly beautiful brass scuplture of a deer stepping on a giant gold coin. The virile deer is depicted proudly strutting its impressive antlers and physique. 

A Deer symbolizes longevity, endurance, gracefulness and kindness. Deer in Chinese sounds like the word "luk", which also means good income and prosperity, thus the deer also signifies wealth and prosperity. When it is shown with coins, it potency is said to be magnified. It represents monetary gains and has the ability to bring you out of troubled times and financial woes. 

It is extremely auspicious to display the Brass Deer in the office or at home. In the office, it symbolizes success at work and the growth of sales and the business. Place it in your home and your family will enjoy a happy long life of ease and growing prosperity. Ideal present to give to that special person who has got promotion or just started a new job. 

*Most of the brass products are hollow. -Due to the inner mold is made of sands, please don't surprise when you find sands inside your brass products. 

*Brass product have common surface imperfections that may not meet customer's personal quality expectations. 

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