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Feng Shui Brass Happy Good Fortune Boar Pig and Family

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Material: Brass
Size (LxWxH/cm): 12.3x7.5x6.8

This is a really auspicious good fortune Pig. She is shown surrounded by a bunch of happy piglets on a pile of coins and gold ingots to symbolize good fortune for many generations. She is a fat sow signifying fertility and big fat wealth.

Here is how the Brass Happy Good Fortune Pig and Family can be used to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. Display the Brass Happy Good Fortune Pig and Family in the Southeast corner of your home, office or business premises. If you are in the business, it will bring in more customers and sales. If you are a professional, it will bring you promotion and salary increment luck.

2. Place the Brass Happy Good Fortune Pig and Family on your work desk, study or bedside desk to energize good wealth luck. It also makes sure that everything goes smoothly for you.

3. Place the Brass Happy Good Fortune Pig and Family by your bedside for good infant luck, suitable for those trying to conceive.


-Most of the brass products are hollow.(Due to the inner mold is made of sands, please don't surprise when you find sands inside your brass products.)
-Brass product have common surface imperfections that may not meet customer's personal quality expectations such as dark spot/ darker color/ tiny hole. Perfectionist please take note.

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