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Feng Shui Copper Brass Pair of Elephant

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Material: Brass
Size: Approx 5cm height

Elephants are long revered creatures in many cultures. They are symbols of insight, strength, noble qualities, fertility, virility and intelligence in countries ranging from China to India and Africa. Their majesty, intuition and supremacy in the animal kingdom is unmatched. Their wisdom has been much respected by biologists and spiritualists alike.

Elephants can thus serve many symbolic purposes in feng shui. They are very useful for couples or newly weds eager for a gifted newborn as well as anyone trying to conceive. They are also great symbols of power, longevity and sanctity of the household. Some know elephants as benevolent wish granters, while others swear by their ability in bringing great peach blossom energy or love luck. Either way, one can hardly deny the strength and majesty of the elephant as protector of the household.  

Here are some placements of elephants to benefit the feng shui of your home:

  1. An elephant of pair of elephants at the front door guards, strengthens and brings good luck to the household. Especially desirable with trunks spacing upwards in victory, these icons can sometimes be called “the elephants of many blessings.” They also help stop any beneficial chi energy from leaving your house. 
  2. If you are looking to have a child, placing an elephant statue in your bedroom is believed to be most advantageous. In feng shui the number 7 represents children, so having a group of 7 elephants as a lucky charm in the bedroom or a mother and baby elephant together is said to be most helpful.
  3. If you are trying to succeed and have been unsuccessful, placing an elephant in the West sector can bring about the charm of descendant luck.
  4. Elephants are said to be beneficial for increasing your child’s scholastic success, place an elephant where the child most often does their homework.
  5. Placing a pair of outward facing Feng Shui elephants prominently on your office desk is said to strengthen your resistance to your opponents and grant your success in business pursuits.
  6. Rub your elephants trunk to make a wish, because elephants are known for such boons.


-Most of the brass products are hollow.(Due to the inner mold is made of sands, please don't surprise when you find sands inside your brass products.)
-Brass product have common surface imperfections that may not meet customer's personal quality expectations such as dark spot/ darker color/ tiny hole which are perfectly fine in the context of Feng Shui. Perfectionist please take note.

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