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Feng Shui Padlock Of Wealth Amulet For Locking In Wealth

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Material: Metal

Size (LxWxH/cm): 4.4 x 0.3 x 6, 11cm

Discover the power of Feng Shui padlocks, marvelous symbols of "locking in" your cherished possessions. These padlocks represent universal commitment, strength, and constancy, ensuring your precious belongings remain safeguarded.

As we embark on a new Period, transitioning from Period 8 to Period 9, significant energy shifts occur. With such transformations, the risk of losing what we've accumulated over the years becomes a concern. Preserving our luck is of utmost importance. To help you do just that, we've crafted three symbolic Feng Shui padlocks, each dedicated to "locking in" your three most valuable possessions: relationships, wealth, and happiness.

This exceptional padlock showcases the auspicious Maneki Neko wealth cat, a revered symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Paired with the Chinese talisman for wealth, this padlock embodies the essence of abundance and financial blessings. Maneki Neko, also known as Fortune Cats, Lucky Cats, Beckoning Cats or Money Cats are believed to attract wealth and good fortune to its owner. For professionals, the Maneki Neko is said to help you climb the career ladder and attain an impressive salary. For those involved in competitive business, the Fortune Cats are believed to attract extra sales opportunities to you.

Unlock the path to prosperity and attract wealth luck into your life with the Padlock of Wealth. Embrace the positive energies it brings and allow the Maneki Neko cat to beckon great fortune your way. 

You can easily carry these auspicious Feng Shui amulets by clipping them onto your bag or using them as keychains.

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