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Feng Shui Trunk Up Power White Elephant

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Material: Resin
Size (LxWxH/cm):  11.5 x 5.5 x 7.5

This beautiful white power elephant symbolizes power, authority, good wealth luck and abundance. You can display it on your workdesk as this is said to attract good fortune and protect against making bad financial decisions. Place this elephant on your desk to capture the Big Auspicious Luck that attracts career progression and the luck of promotion. Businessmen can surely benefit from more command and authority over your business. This wish-granting elephant has a secret compartment for you to keep your wishes and goals. 

1) In Chinese, the word “elephant” is phonetically similar to “Prime Minister”. The elephant is thus regarded as a symbol of vigour, aptitude, power and prominence and can be used to enhance the luck of the head of a household or company.

2) For businessmen, display an elephant in a distinguished spot on your desk in your office, facing outwards. This is believed to provide you with fortification from your opponents, as well as induce victory on your business ventures.

3) Display the elephant indoors, beside your main entrance, facing inside- this will create a flow of good luck into your home. If they are displayed outdoors, then they should be positioned facing out, as they will safeguard the home in this arrangement.

4) Make a wish when rubbing its trunk. The Feng Shui elephant is also known as a grantor of wishes.

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