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Feng Shui Brass Copper Nine Star Evil Spirit Eliminating Plaque 九星化煞钱

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Material: Brass

Size LxWxH/cm: 10.5 x 0.2 x 15.5

In traditional China, the bat is a popular auspicious symbol of good luck and wealth because the sound for Bats in Chinese, ‘Fuk’ is similar to good fortune and happiness. During the days of the Manchu emperors, bats were the most popular symbol after the dragon being embroidered in imperial robes for high ranking officials and the emperor. One can often see symbols of bats on decorative windows, doors and even the floor in old Chinese houses.

The bat is depicted biting on a coin. The coin symbolises wealth and this coin is designed with a yinyang symbol and eight tigrams on one side and on the other side are the images of the double swords, nine stars and a snake with a tortoise. All these are powerful symbol that chase away evil or killing energies in its surrounding.

You can hang this item on the wall of almost any room in your homes - living room, kitchen, dining room, study, bedroom etc or in your offices. Preferably, hang the Nine Star Evil Spirit Eliminating Plaque in the front portion of your house facing the main entrance to invite good fortune, wealth and health energies and at the same time deflecting bad energies entering your abode.

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