Feng Shui 12" Tibetan Old Vintage Antique Brass Copper Aparmita Buddha of Longevity Statue

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【Only 1 unit】You will get the actual item same as the pictures. P/s: This is not an used item.

Material: Brass/Copper
Size (LxWxH/cm): 20 x 13.5 x 29

The Tibetan style Aparmita sitting in the padmasana or full lotus position with his right leg on top of his left.
Both hands rest on his lap in the dhyana-mudra of meditation with a vase in his hands filled with a healing elixir or a kalasha.
Aparmita is also known as Amitayus in Tibet and he is associated with the longevity attribute of Amitabha Buddha. In Sanskrit, the Amitayus meaning is “infinite life”. Indeed, an Aparmita statue is the Sambhogakaya embodiment of Amitabha’s longevity attribute. The Aparmita mantra is “Om A Ma Ra Ni Dzi Wan Ti Ye Soha.” By reciting his mantra devotees can induce the mantra benefits of prolonging life and good health. Each Aparmita statue for sale in our selection was hand sculpted in full lotus pose with the immortality vessel filled with “amrita” on his lap. Longevity rituals are highly venerated in Tibetan Buddhism and the long life rituals are centered around Aparmita statues. Additionally, Aparmita is one of the three Tibetan deities of long life along with White Tara and Namgyalma.


-Most of the brass products are hollow.(Due to the inner mold is made of sands, please don't surprise when you find sands inside your brass products.)
-Due to this item is an old antique pure brass item, verdigris (green/white spot) and uneven color surface can be found on this item. White spot verdigris can be remove by polishing.
-Brass product have common surface imperfections that may not meet customer's personal quality expectations such as dark spot/ darker color/ tiny hole which are perfectly fine in the context of Feng Shui. Perfectionist please take note.

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