9.5mm Natural Red Phantom Quartz Crystal Bracelet for Business

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Material: Genuine Red Phantom Quartz Crystal

Size: 9.5mm, 20 beads

Length: 16cm, Stretchy (minus 1cm for Comfort-fit or 0.5cm for Snug-fit)

Red Phantom Quartz Crystals are great when you want to regain your personal power and freedom. Phantom crystals can stimulate and boost your intelligence, creativity and intuition. 

Red Phantom Quartz assist in healing anger and hurt, releasing stress, emotional healing, boosting courage and self esteem. This crystal is also useful for addictions, and than makes it a great stone for dieters and people trying to quit smoking! 

This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration and is useful for legal situations.

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