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Feng Shui 12" Brass Rearing Horse with Ingots and Coins

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Material: Brass 

Size (LxWxH/cm): 29.5 x 13.5 x 31 

This splendid looking Horse crafted from high quality brass accented with intricate details, is shown rearing in triumph over a treasure of gold ingots and coins. Coupled with its representation of speed, courage, endurance and victorious pose, the Brass Rearing Horse is an excellent success and wealth symbol for any home or office. 

The Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac) in Chinese Feng Shui symbolizes nobility, perseverance, strength, loyalty, victory, power, freedom, speed and success. It is believed that placing the Horse figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Horse. It is no surprise that you can almost always find paintings and sculptures of horses in Chinese homes and businesses. Traditionally, a horse in a rearing pose means the rider has been victorious in battle. Thus, this is a beautiful depiction of a horse in a victorious pose that connotes success, fame and power. Keep it close to you to enhance these qualities in yourself. 

The Horse's intrinsic element is fire and its home sector south, making it an excellent enhancer in the South to activate fame, recognition and good reputation which are prerequisites for success. Additionally, this equine beauty is also ideal for the Sheep born (secret friend) as well as those whose zodiac signs are the Dog and Tiger (horoscope allies) based on the horoscope allies and secret friends chart. 

Be sure to benefit from the protective and beneficial energy of the Brass Rearing Horse with Ingots and Coins by displaying it prominently in your home or office. Besides being a fabulous showpiece, the energy of this powerful symbol will bring you triumph, riches, abundance, good luck, strength and success. This item also makes a lovely and meaningful gift. 


-Most of the brass products are hollow.(Due to the inner mold is made of sands, please don't surprise when you find sands inside your brass products.) 

-Brass product have common surface imperfections that may not meet customer's personal quality expectations such as dark spot/ darker color/ tiny hole. Perfectionist please take note.

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