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Feng Shui Brass Three Heavenly God Fuk Luk Sau Three Star Gods Fu Lu Shou Set 福禄寿

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Material: Brass

Size (LxWxH/cm): 5 x 5 x 11.5

This exquisite set of Fuk Luk Sau is made of brass with high detailings. Perfect for discerning Feng Shui enthusiasts looking for high quality products that will last for generations.

The Three Lucky Immortals, Star Gods, Fu Lu Shou and Fuk Luk Sau are the various names given to the venerated god figures of wealth, good fortune and longevity. They are symbols of the necessary elements for creating an inner balance of harmony. Fuk Luk Sau are a stable presence in a great many Chinese and feng shui practitioner’s homes. Makes a fabulous house warming gift

1. Place the three heavenly gods in important zones or directions within your home to revitalize the chi. Lillian Too recommends showing these figures in a position of utmost respect by placing them prominently on a high stand or table in a main room in front of a solid wall.

2. Place Fuk Luk Sau in zones of customer interaction like the front desk, head office or cash register. This will invite great luck and prosperity luck.

3. Place the Fuk Luk Sau facing your dining table to invite a powerful abundance of blessings for all of the members or your family or household. They are believed to ensure that you are never in need and also have sufficient resources to enjoy a happy life.

4. Display these three star gods on a table higher than three feet in a prominent place in your home as this is said to steer the goals of all members of your family closer to success.

5. The Star Gods are also useful in the office placed behind you as this is believed to help you earn vital support, appreciation and assistance from those around you.

These gods are not prayed to or displayed on an altar. They are symbolic representations of the auspicious stars and so have a more casual presence than a bodhisattva or revered god. Fu Lu Shou possess a strong yang energy however and so should always be displayed in places of utmost respect and formality, namely NOT the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

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