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Feng Shui Chinese Coins Ball Tassel

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Material: Brass
Size (LxWxH/cm): 4 x 4cm (Coins Ball) 31cm (Total Length)

This lovely  is made up of 12 Chinese coins artistically tied to form a gorgeous ball, symbolizing harmony, prosperity and abundance. It is embellished with a colorful mystic knot and bright red tassel to further enhance its wealth attracting power.

Chinese coins are essential ingredients in the practice of Feng Shui. They are the most potent symbols of wealth, especially when tied with yellow, red and gold thread. Besides being wealth magnets, Chinese coins are also symbols of perfect harmony. This is because the centre of the coin is square (representing earth) and the shape of the coin is round (representing heaven). When heaven (yang) and earth (yin) are in harmony, true balance is achieved. Together with humans, they represent the Trinity luck of "". Besides being powerful emblems of wealth, endless fortune and prosperity, Chinese coins are also powerful amulets to protect against harm.

The I-Ching Coin Ball Tassel is a handy amulet which can be hung near a cash register, in the wealth corner or over a door knob to boost wealth and income in the home or shop. In addition to being a lovely accessory, it is a Feng Shui lucky charm with all the protection and blessings associated with the auspicious Chinese coins. Carry it with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater harmony, abundance and prosperity into your life!

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