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Feng Shui Convex Bagua Pakua Mirror 八卦凸镜

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Material: Wood, Mirror
Size (LxWxH/cm): 12.5 x 1.2 x 12.5

A feng shui mirror diverts fast moving and disruptive energy away from your home. Step outside of your home to see what energies are pointing your way.

One of the most common problems is if your home has a vertical road coming straight towards your home with a "T" junction right in front of your home. With a setting like this not only is your Chi escaping down the road but the incoming energy from the cars coming towards you can be exhausting. This is the perfect time to place a bagua mirror either above or to the side of the door or window of your home which aligns the most with this road.

If your doors or windows face a rocky cliff or mountain, a high voltage tower, a cell phone tower, a sharp roof-line from a building facing you or anything that looks sharp, then place a bagua mirror outside or to the side of your door or window. This will neutralize the sharp energy coming your way.

If your front door faces a staircase or a long corridor, then place a bagua mirror by your door to prevent possible bad chi from flowing into your home.   

If you see any obstacle as you look outside such as a big tree or something that seems to be blocking the flow of chi, then use the bagua mirror. 

The concave or convex mirror must always be used outside of the home. Do not place a concave or convex mirror inside the home

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