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Feng Shui Zodiac Dog with Pakua Statue Figure Display

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Material: Resin 

Size (LxWxH/cm): 14 x 14 x 22.5 

360° Spinnable Pakua Base 

The Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac and its intrinsic element is earth, which coincides with the earth element of Period 8 and hence strengthening the symbol.The compass direction of the Dog is 277.5° - 307.5° (Northwest 1). Its allies are the Horse and the Tiger and the Rabbit is its secret friend. 

For people born in the year of Dog, place the Dog figurine in the sector between 307.5 degrees to 337.5 degrees sector in your home or office according to big Tai Chi (house) or small Tai Chi (living room, bedroom, work desk, study desk etc.) to enhance your personal wealth luck. You will also benefit by placing it in the sectors correspond to your allies, HORSE (157.5° - 187.5°) or TIGER (37.5° - 67.5°).

This will ensure a smooth sailing and successful year ahead as your Chinese horoscope sign figurine will assist you and protect you from trouble whether it be at work, at school or in your business, during good or difficult times. It will help you to garner support from helpful people and powerful mentors as this is what the Northwest sector. 

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