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Feng Shui Golden Bat Coin Pakua Amulet

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Material: Metal

Size (LxWxH/cm): 4.6 x 0.3 x 7.1, 21.5

This is a Bat Amulet with a coin with the symbol of Pakua on one side and twelve Chinese horoscope animals on the other side.

In traditional China, the bat is a popular auspicious symbol of good luck and wealth because the sound for Bats in Chinese, ‘Fuk’ is similar to good fortune and happiness. During the days of the Manchu emperors, bats were the most popular symbol after the dragon being embroidered in imperial robes for high ranking officials and the emperor. The designs were usually combined with other symbol of longevity such as cranes to connote long life and happiness.

You can hang the Feng Shui Golden Bat Coin Amulet anywhere in your house or office, or in the car to deflect negative energies as well as to invite good fortune and wealth. It is also highly recommended for everyone to carry one even as we may unknowingly incur the wrath of Tai Sui by confronting him. Clip it onto your handbag, briefcase or car rear view mirror to make sure it is always near you to be blessed with peace, protection, happiness and prosperity.
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