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Feng Shui Golden Brass Bowl

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Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Feng Shui Item
High Quality
Golden Rice Bowl
Treasure Bowl
Water Offering Bowl
Diameter: 7.5cm x 3.8cm 

Golden rice bowl: refers to the ancient emperor dinner bowl, folk rumors can get golden rice bowl, and his need to worry. In modern times, the golden rice bowl refers to the well-paid jobs, but also to eat the food of other countries that have this golden rice, it means that from this glorious future, clothed, better life. Feast is the basis for people to achieve a better life, and serve food bowl as the most commonly used appliances, has gradually been given a cornucopia aura even become rich determine whether signs of life. Nowadays, people use iron rice bowl, golden rice bowl to describe the level of jobs, and the golden rice bowl as the name implies, is a very generous treatment position, with this golden rice bowl can live a better life enough to live comfortably.
Golden rice bowl represents a bright future, can bring a sheltered good career. Golden Chopsticks Golden Spoon is also representative of the same meaning.
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