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Feng Shui Green Tara Mantra TAM Syllable Medallion Pendant Stainless Steel

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Diameter : 3.5 centimeters
Material : 316L Stainless Steel

This pendant features the Tam seed syllable of Goddess Green Tara against a radiating backdrop and surrounded by her powerful mantra Om Tare Tutarre Ture Soha. The other side also features the syllable Tam at the middle encircled by her mantra in green enamel.

Goddess Green Tara is probably the most popular deity in the Tibetan pantheon. Described as the Swift Liberator, she is often depicted in a posture of ease with right leg extended, signifying her readiness to spring into action. The left leg is folded in the contemplative position on the lotus pedestal, the two together thus symbolizing the integration of wisdom and art. She brings business and career success. With the swiftness of lightning, she helps in overcoming daily problems, illnesses and premature death.

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