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Feng Shui Harmony Lotus Dragon Keychain Amulet

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Material: Metal
Size: Diameter 4.5cm, 10cm

This beautiful Feng Shui Harmony Amulet depicts the Rat.  The auspicious Lotus and Ingots are carved on one side, and the ally of the Rat – the Dragon – is seen on the other side, with Ru Yi and Ingots. The good luck wording “Woh Hup Yue Yee”, translated as Harmony and Unity, is engraved on the lovely item, helping make sure the coming year flows smoothly for the one who owns it.

All Rat and Dragon persons are strongly advised to carry the Harmony Amulet to help keep the peace and harmony at home/work, to boost your luck exponentially, as well as bringing supportive allies into your life. 

Carry the Harmony Amulet whenever you can, to eliminate all negative and angry energy and to smoothen and repair broken relationships with others.

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