Feng Shui Goat Sheep Zodiac Horoscope Guardian Card Talisman

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Material: Metal card

Size (LxH/cm):5 x 8

This is a handy pocket sized carry-along talisman card to fit perfectly into your wallet or purse. It features an illustration of the Sheep together with a brief description of its patron protector on one side and an image of its guardian deity, Vairocana, on the other.

Each animal sign is accorded a protector who will offer special attention and care in dispelling problems and summoning joy and abundance from endless resources. Vairocana’s divine energy will thus bring special comfort to the Sheep by helping to eliminate disasters, lighten problems, attract good fortune and bring good health. No effort will be spared to look after the well-being of the Sheep who falls under his special protection and guardianship.

Vairocana (Dari Rulai in Chinese), a Supreme Buddha whose Sanskrit name means "luminous one" or "embodiment of light" represents the all-pervading wisdom of the Dharmadhatu, the absolute Buddha-nature. In depictions of the five Dhyani or Wisdom Buddhas, he is the central figure, a personification of the Dharmakaya - everything, unmanifested, free of characteristics and distinctions. His symbol is the Dharma wheel and is color is white to symbolize a pure consciousness and all-encompassing wisdom to vanquish ignorance and clear the road to enlightenment and bliss.

If you are a Sheep zodiac, be sure to enjoy the protection of your guardian deity by carrying the Sheep Horoscope Guardian Card Talisman with you at all times. You may also display the talisman in the South West of your bedroom or keep together with personal belongings.

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