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Feng Shui Table Top Eight 8 Auspicious Objects Prayer Wheel 八吉祥

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SIZE (LXWXH/CM): 11.5 X 11.5 X 10.5

The unique table-top Tibetan Prayer Wheel inner cylinder decorated with the Buddhism Eight Auspicious Objects encased in a clear acrylic cover. On top of the cover is a gold-plated dharma wheel.

Looks good on your workdesk and spins smoothly using the knob on top with your fingers. When the prayer wheel is spun, positive vibes, good energy and good things is said to be generated and will benefit the people around it. It is also believed to attract good fortune, protection from all the eight compass directions and great wisdom.

The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is widely used in Tibet and in places under the influence of Tibetan culture. Using the wheel is an ancient and spiritual practice, used for thousands of years by Buddhists. Spinning the prayer wheel is believed to bless the environment, distribute divine blessings, alter bad luck into that which is good, encourage body and mind healing, enhance personal compassion, as well as to help practitioners on their passage to enlightenment. 

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