Feng Shui Taoist Pakua Protection Card Talisman Protection from Vile People 防小人护身符

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Material: Metal card 

Size (LxH/cm): 5 x 8 (credit card size)

This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along talisman card has image of Big Dipper North Stars with Eight Trigrams (Pakua) on one side and Four powerful Taoist talisman with a Shurangama Mantra on the reverse side.

This Taoist Pakua Protection Talisman is an excellent cure for the three malevolent stars (YinSha, JuanShe, JiaoSha) which brings back-stabbing, conflict of interest and gossip. It is also perfect for dissolving the WuGui, also known as the ‘Five Ghost’ which brings accidents, financial loss, theft, quarrels, misunderstandings and severe problems.

Among the Buddha's teachings, the Shurangama Mantra is considered to be the king of mantras because it is the longest and most important. The Surangama Mantra is said to rescue and protect the world, help people obtain great fearlessness, and bring to accomplishment living beings' transcendental wisdom.

Carry this powerful Taoist Pakua Protection Card with you everywhere and be protected from all sorts of calamities and misfortunes, including quarrelsome and back-stabbing. And also to strengthen the luck of the Patriarch (GuiRen)

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