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Feng Shui Universal Tortoise Nine Palace Pakua Concave Amulet (MEDIUM Tibetan Silver) 九宫八卦

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Material: Tibetan Silver

Color: Silver

Size (LxWxH/cm): [MEDIUM] 3.8 x 0.8 x 3.8, 18

The Universal Tortoise Amulet is made of symbols and talismans that are believed to swiftly neutralize negative influences in your surroundings and magnifies good omens. It is considered to be particularly powerful when combatting the presence of the #3 Argumentative Star and other Feng Shui afflictions. You can hang it on a wall above the main door or carry it by your side to deter bad energies.

The markings on this amulet include symbols that are considered most powerful in Chinese Buddhist, Taoist and Tibetan beliefs. Images of the Universal Tortoise, 12 Chinese horoscope animals, the five elements symbols, the bagua eight I-Ching trigrams and special mantras are combined in order to meet the description of the best protection against disruptive influence and to increase blessings of joy, harmony, peace, good fortune and health luck.

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