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Feng Shui Zhai Gong Ji Gong Ji Kong Protection Card Amulet 济公

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Material: Metal card 

Size (LxH/cm): 5 x 8 (credit card size) 

Ji Gong is known as the ‘Legendary Monk with a Magical Fan’. This is because he is usually portrayed as having a fan and sometimes, a bottle of wine. He would often approach beggars and other poor families on the streets. He would listen to them, crack a joke, then murmur a prayer, after which he fanned them a little. Soon after these incidents the recipient of his kindness would miraculously come into good fortune. He earned a reputation for being a Buddhist magician, which, in turn earned him the title Ji Gong HuoFo, which means the Living Buddha Ji Gong. Ji is derived from his Buddhist name Dao Ji, Gong, is a respect for a powerful elderly, and HuoFo literally means living Buddha. Right after his death, Taoists immediately adopted him as their deity, and it is said that he continuously manifests his compassionate and magical powers to every one who keeps his image. 

According to Chinese Taoist legend having an image of Ji Gong at home, and/or carrying his image is a sure way to continuously tap into his blessings of wealth. 

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